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Hi, my name is Kris (also [personal profile] randombastary and [personal profile] storiwr on LJ, IJ and DW). I rather enjoy writing reviews of books, movies and TV shows. I also rather enjoy exploring different aspects of folklore and mythology. I used to do this for, but abandoned the stuff since it stopped being fun. But I have now decided to start up this blog to essentially do what I did over there (but doing it in my time, and in my way).

I am going to try to do movies that are both out in theaters now, and those that are out on DVD (and those are probably going to be the reviews that are more frequent). I'm also going to write reviews of books that I have read (some may be more current than others, and many may have to do with folklore and mythology), though those will probably not be as frequent as the movie posts. And when the mood strikes me (typically when something catches my interest), I will probably do something about different things from folklore and mythology. Also, I am decidedly anti-Twilight. Do not come here looking for good reviews of the books, the movies, or anything resembling something that may be nice being said about anyone who is involved with it.

I'll give you the name of the movie, when it was released in the theater, when it came out on DVD (if it has by the time I do the review), and who was in it. With books, I'll give you the name, the author, when it was released and the page count. For these two, I will also give you a star rating out of four stars. As far as fairy tales, mythology and folklore, I'll try to give you at least the region that the story is from. If it's a fairy tale, I'll try to give you the Aarne-Thompson classification, and with mythology or folklore, I'll try to give you what type of character I'm talking about (whether trickster, god of war, king of the gods, etc).

Hope you enjoy and find the posts helpful in some respect.

Also, if you have any suggestions of things that I should check out, or of things you would like to see reviews of, I am game for those.

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