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Movie: Captain America: The First Avenger
Starring: Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Dominic Cooper, Stanley Tucci, and Toby Jones.
Released Nationwide: July 22, 2011
Stars: 3 1/2

This film is based on the comic book about Captain America, a soldier during WWII who is routinely turned away from joining the army because of multiple issues with him not being physically desirable to be a soldier. However, he is picked to be a part of a program to turn him into the perfect soldier. Soon after he is changed by the program, sabotage takes the whole thing down and kills the scientist who is in charge of the research. After becoming the army's tool, the cap takes matters into his own hands and begins going after the man who is responsible for the killing of the scientist (and who is trying to kill pretty much everyone).

I was a bit worried that the character of Peggy Carter would turn into a stereotypical female character who is worried only about how cute the main male character is (and who has nothing inside of her head besides fermenting juices). I was really glad to see that there was something more to her than to only be there as a pretty face and a love interest. Sure, that is a big reason to why she was there, but she is more than just all of the things that I've come to hate about so many female characters in period pieces ... or in really anything that has explosions.

I was also not expecting there to be as many laughs in the film as there were, and there were quite a lot. I was really happy at how many there were, and that they helped the story along (and weren't just there for cheapness).

Also, I was rather happy with the tie-ins to Thor (via Norse mythology and some effects shots that were the same in both films) that where in the film. They were rather subtle, which made me happier than if they had been over-the-top.

Also very nice was the fact that this film works very well as a war movie, and not just as a comic book movie. There are plenty of films that work as one or the other (as comic book movie or war movie), but not as both together, which is really fantastic.

This one is worth the check-out, even if you have to pay the full price for it.
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