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Movie: Hanna
Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett
Released Nationwide: April 8, 2011
Stars: 2 3/4

This is the story of a girl, raised by her father in the artic circle to become the perfect assassin so that she could take revenge upon the woman responsible for the death of her mother.

It kind of surprised me to find out after only a little bit that this movie was really "Little Red Riding Hood" (since there was another that is still out which is more obvious about being about Red than this one). You will have to pay attention to notice some of the references to Red, but they are there (there's the opening of a book of Grimm's fairy tales directly to "Little Red Riding Hood", having Hanna live in the forest with her father, and having constant visual clues that Blanchett's character was the big bad wolf (including her big eyes and teeth, having her walk out of a giant wolf's head and having her kill the heroine's grandmother)).

This isn't to say that the film's pacing was perfect, because it wasn't. But what the movie lacks in some aspects of its pacing, it makes up for in what is a truly interesting idea. Even the dropped threads didn't bother me as much as they should have. The family that Hanna was travelling with, they were interrogated by the story's big bad wolf, but it never explained what happened to them afterwards. It could be assumed that they were killed for their troubles, but without actually seeing their deaths, I'm inclined to believe that they somehow survived (since the writers seemed to get a bit of a kick in showing us how others died, and even their bodies when they did). So, in my personal canon, somehow Hanna found them again, and she is now alive and happy as an adopted daughter.

This film was entertaining enough for a matinee, but probably not for full price.


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