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Movie: Hop
Starring: Russell Brand and James Marsden
Released Nationwide: April 1, 2011
Stars: 3

E.B. is the son of the reigning Easter Bunny, but when it comes time for E.B. to take over, he runs away to pursue his dream of becoming a drummer.

This movie was actually really cute, more so than I thought that it might be. Sometimes movies that are associated with holidays can come across as being rather contrived and over-formulaic. Yes, this movie follows some of the same formulas that we've come to associate with Christmas films, but that doesn't stop it from still being fun (even if the ending did turn out to be a bit sappy, and if the father of one of the characters seems to behave a bit out of character in the end).

That being said, it was nice to see a holiday movie that was made that acknowledged the fact that Christmas isn't the only one out there. It would great to have films being made that spanned the calendar in terms of dealing with other holidays. Also, it was kind of cool to see a holiday movie that also about being true to yourself, and following your calling (even if it might seem crazy to other people).

The effects were insanely good, especially when it came to the live action elements interacting with the CGI. I was really, really impressed by just how well the effects people did with getting those elements to work so well together without there being any sort of jarring mismatching that pulled you out of the film.

This one is worth taking the kids to, even if it's just at a matinee showing.
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