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Movie: Limitless
Starring: Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro
Opened Nationwide: March 18, 2011
Stars: 3

This is the story of Eddie, a man who seems to have no direction or ambition, and who suddenly find himself being giving unlimited possibilities and potential. But with all of the good things that he's found himself the recipient of come with a price.

This film had great possibilities to be really fantastic, and it was entertaining ... as far as it went. But I got the impression that there were a lot of things that I was missing because I hadn't read the book. I suspect that there was probably a lot more to be said about Eddie's missing time, as well as the woman that Eddie may (or may not) have killed. I also feel like there wasn't enough explanation about the ending ... that it just kind of dropped off having lost its steam. Maybe if the editor had trimmed other things, and kind of fleshed out the ending so that you could walk out feeling like you got a bit more closure out of the whole thing, I would have thought that was a bit better.

This being said, that doesn't mean that I wasn't entertained by the film, or that it didn't intrigue me by what it seemed like the possible undercurrent of the film was (in that you should really be careful what you wish for, and it's more important to be true to yourself). And watching it, I was kind of interested to check out the book to see what inspired the film in the first place.

If anything, it was worth checking out at least as a matinee.


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