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Movie: Paul
Starring: Nick Frost and Simon Pegg
Opened Nationwide: March 18, 2011
Stars: 2 1/2

Two super nerds meet an alien who is attempting to get back home, while they are on a road trip around America's alien hot spots.

This film seems to have been a giant love story to everything science fiction, as there were tons of references to science fiction films (like there was a reference to Aliens, when Sigourney Weaver gets punched out, and when the gang walks into a bar, the band is playing the same song that band was playing when Luke Skywalker walked into the Mos Eisley Cantina). You also find out that Paul was the one who was creating all of the pop culture references that we have come to know when it comes to aliens (like various aspects of Steven Spielberg's work concerning aliens).

And while I was entertained during the film, I don't think that this would be the kind of film that people would enjoy if they weren't fans of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. Seeing as how this movie was written by them, you really have to dig their kind of humor to appreciate what they're trying to do with it (kind of the same way you have to dig Sacha Baron Cohen's humor to enjoy Borat). If you saw Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and didn't like them (or they didn't seem like the kind of thing you would be interested in to begin with), you probably won't enjoy this film as much as you might otherwise.

The FX were really great in this, especially when it came to Paul himself. However, with all of the build-up there had been for Paul being rather rude (and using all sorts of profanity), I was expecting him to be a lot worse than he was. Turns out, he wasn't nearly as awfully as I suspected that he would be when it came to him having a foul mouth.

This is certainly something to check out during a matinee, but maybe not something you would bring the kids to (if you don't want them repeating swear words).
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