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Movie: Rango
Starring: Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher
Opened Nationwide: March 4, 2011
Stars: 1 1/2

A pet chameleon is accidentally stranded in the desert, where he meets an armadillo who sends him on a quest to look for the spirit of the west. Along the way, he comes to a desert town inhabited by different animals, and he begins trying to save the town from losing what little bit of water it has left.

I tend to really enjoy animated movies, I really didn't dig this one. There seemed to be far too much dependence on making reference to Depp's other movies (like a blatant reference to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), following only the most obvious clich├ęs for Westerns, and a rather blatant case of hero worship for Clint Eastwood. There's nothing wrong with doing an homage to something, but when it's not done as intelligently as it possibly could have been, it doesn't really work.

And what also didn't work in the film's favor was the fact that it seemed to be a bit too long. By about the half-way point of the film I had gotten rather bored with the whole thing (as the actual "big" events of the film were too few and far between). The editor of the film could have cut at least a half an hour from the film and not only would have not taken anything away from the plot, it probably would have helped quite a bit.

I'd say skip this one entirely.


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