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Movie: Drive Angry
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner and Billy Burke.
Opened Nationwide: February 25, 2011
Stars: 1

Nicolas Cage plays John Milton, a man who breaks out of Hell so that he can save his granddaughter from being killed by a cult leader.

This movie reminded me of Ghost Rider in all of the worst ways; not only because it stars Cage as a man who has dealings with a big-wig from Hell, and because he is now kicking some ass on Earth, but also because the writing and acting were so completely awful. And when I say that they were awful, I don't mean in that B-movie way where it's so horrible that it's fun to watch. This was so awful that it was painful (kind of the same way that Twilight is), and it will make you wish you could burn out that part of your brain after you've gotten your money back.

It should say something about the nature of the film, and the inability of the writers to actually create something that was worth putting onto the big screen that a huge part of the movie is dedicated to random and gratuitous female nudity and sex. It not only didn't help the "plot" of the movie at all, it also only seemed to be there to prove that the movie-makers could put it there. If you're going to have multiple sex scenes, and multiple women giving full nudity, at least have some sort of point to it, otherwise it's just distracting.

The only character in the entire movie that seemed in any way interesting was the Accountant, and he was barely in the movie at all (maybe that was part of his appeal?). While I got the feeling from this character that this movie was based on a comic book, I have seen no evidence that it actually was. He actually makes me wish that this film was based on a comic book or video game, just so that there could be some sort of excuse as to why it was so crappy. Let's face it, how many movies based on comic books and video games are complete crap? It's rarer that those movies are any good (because they don't transition well).

All-in-all, I'd say skip it completely.


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